I’m an ex-Hooters girl – customers loved my hidden talent and would ask me to show them in the middle of the restaurant

A FORMER Hooters girl served her customers and served talent at the same time.

Diners begged her to show them the cool party trick she’s good at.

TikTok/thelexijwayLexi, a former Hooters girl, got asked by customers to perform once they find out her secret talent[/caption]

Lexi (@thelexijway), a Florida-based realtor, shared a video of the days when she used to yodel at Hooters.

“Fun fact: I worked at hooters for a quick minute & I would get asked to yodel at work,” she said.

People cheered as Lexi stood by a table in uniform in the middle of the restaurant, showing off her talent that would give Mason Ramsey, the yodeling boy at Walmart, a run for his money.

Not only was she good at the singing technique but had the stamina to sustain the singing over a long time.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Not only were they impressed with her talent but her looks as well.

“Okay girl u said yodel and body,” said one commenter.

“The guy in the back is most definitely taken with you,” pointed out another.

Others cringed at the customers’ requests.

“I know u wanted to go home,” joked one viewer, to which Lexi replied “Always.”

Others made sure she knew she had talent.

“Btw u good at this don’t ever stop doing what u do,” said one admirer.

She yodeled in the middle of the restaurantTikTok/thelexijway