I’m a Wagamama worker – here’s what your order says about you… and the dish you SHOULDN’T get

A WAGAMAMA worker has revealed what your order says about you – and the dish you should never get.

The worker took to TikTok to share her insider view on what Wagamama staff think of the chain’s customers.

ReutersA Wagamama worker has revealed what your order says about you[/caption]

The worker slammed one of the chain’s flagship dishesTikTok/@aloefearaa

She said that if you order the katsu curry, you are a “standard Wagamama customer”.

The worker added: “I can’t blame you though as it’s really good.”

If you order the duck donburi, it means that you are the “boyfriend of an average Wagamama customer.”

Turning to the ginger chicken udon, the worker said: “It’s always the sweetest men and the scariest women ordering this.”

The Wagamama worker slammed customers who order chicken ramen only to “always” complain that it is too spicy.

She said: “Why even bother ordering it?”

But the worker highly recommended the spicy chicken katsu, ranking it ten out of ten.

The ebi katsu was also in her book “literally faultless”.

She said: “The tantamen beef ramen is for girls only!

“This all just a joke, please don’t take offence if you’re not like this.”

People were divided over the Wagamama insider’s revelations about the best option to order.

A Wagamama superfan said: “Last time I was at Wagamama I put so much chilli oil into my chicken ramen to make it taste of something, and then I splashed it in my eyes.

“One of the staff had to hold my hand and guide me to the bathroom.”

Pep said: “I normally order the chilli steak ramen, but I nearly choked on the steak last time I had it.”

Zak said: “I’m a coeliac so I can’t eat anything in this video.”

Another fan said: “What if you eat alone, and order only miso soup, pickles and kimchi, with a green tea, at 11.10am?

“That’s what I do every few weeks.”

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This is what chicken ramen enthusiasts look like, according to the Wagamama insiderTikTok/@aloefearaa