I’m a smoker and found something unbelievable in my pouch of tobacco from Morrisons

A STUNNED smoker found a dead lizard in a pouch of rolling tobacco.

The squashed three-inch reptile was discovered stuffed inside a 30-gram packet of Amber Leaf baccy purchased at a Morrisons supermarket.

The Morrisons customer was horrified to find a dead lizard in their pouch of rolling tobacco

The customer said: “The poor thing was bone-dry, stiff as a board.

“It looked like some of the tobacco had actually dried into its body.”

It was thought to be a Fence Lizard, native to the tobacco-growing state of Virginia, US.

It crossed the Atlantic and was uncovered in Wakefield, West Yorks.

The smoker claimed that Amber Leaf refused a refund for the £18.55 pouch and wants the lizard posted to their US factory as proof.

Amber Leaf producers Japan Tobacco International and Morrisons Supermarkets had been contacted for comment.