I’m a ‘slim thick’ gym girl – I revealed how I got my body and women say it’s their ‘top secret’

A FITNESS fanatic revealed the technique she uses to maintain her impressive build.

The influencer demonstrated the exercise she swears by to stay toned.

TikTok user Mycah showed off her impressive physique to her followersTikTok/mc_stamps

TikTok user Mycah (@mc_stamps) showed off her abs to her followers before showing them her workout routine.

In her video, the avid gym-goer shared that she swears by core work “if slim thick is the goal.”

Modeling a blue cropped tee and navy sweatpants, Mycah posed in front of her mirror.

She completed her gym look with a navy baseball cap and white sneakers.

Mycah showed off her toned midriff and slim build before giving her audience another angle.

Revealing her “thick” side, the influencer turned to the side to show off her sculpted bum.

Sharing her advice on how to become a “slim thick gorl,” Mycah took viewers along with her to the gym.

The fitness pro filmed herself as she took up a planking position.

To add an extra element to the core workout, Mycah began rotating her hips from side to side.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tip.

One viewer called the workout technique her “top secret.”

“These are hurt so bad but so effectiveee,” wrote one follower.

“That’s how I’m trying to look,” commented a third person.

The fitness fanatic demonstrated the workout method she uses to stay tonedTikTok/mc_stamps