I’m a skin expert – here’s the 3 ways vaping is destroying your skin

VAPING is rising in popularity among Brits.

Some 4.3million people using e-cigarettes, up from about 800,000 a decade ago, according to a report.

PASeveral skin experts have warned that the liquids in vapes could be damaging your skin[/caption]

And although the habit is considered safer than tobacco, scientists still do not fully understand the risks.

Countless studies have found the habit can cause significant lung damage, leave you more tired and in some cases, increase your risk of cancer.

And now several skin experts have warned that the liquids in vapes could also be damaging your skin.

1. Causing premature ageing 

Nicotine found in vapes can age your skin, experts have said.

“The nicotine in vape liquid can breakdown the collagen, which causes lines, wrinkles and sagging skin,” Dr Salome Dharamshi, dermatologist and founder, of The Sky Clinic said.

The addictive substance also narrows blood vessels.

“This deprives key skin cells of oxygen and nutrition and the skin starts to sag and wrinkle prematurely,” Claire Blackwood, beauty expert and salon business coach, added.

2. Leaves your skin dry and inflamed

With premature ageing comes dry and flaky skin at the fault of propylene glycol, a chemical prominent in e-cigarettes.

“Inhalation of this chemical can dry your skin out as it absorbs the water from your body and skin, depriving it of essential hydration and resulting in flaky skin.” Rhysa Phommachanh, beauty and skincare specialist, explained.

“Those with an existing dry skin problem might find that vaping further aggravates this and causes itchiness and patches,” she added.

Vaping also contains many chemicals which can lead to inflammation of the skin.

“The more inflammation there is, the higher chance there is of your skin producing melanin – a dark spot or discolouration on your skin,” she said.

3. Can cause or worsen existing acne 

Regular vaping can cause or even worsen skin conditions you already have.

“Inhalation of toxins whilst vaping will impact on the protective effect of the external skin barrier and make the problem of chronic inflammation worse,” Claire explained

“Conditions such as acnerosacea and psoriasis, that are closely linked to barrier abnormalities and inflammation will tend to deteriorate,” she added.