I’m a Skims superfan and ‘live in’ their clothes – I have a major question for Kim Kardashian

A SKIMS superfan said wearing the brand’s ultra-trendy clothes so often has left her with questions.

She implored Kim Kardashian to answer the most urgent – and mortifying – query.

Kimberly is a Skims superfan who owns multiple pieces from the brandTikTok @keepingupwithkimbersEven though she ‘lives in’ Skims, Kimberly has one question for the founderTikTok @keepingupwithkimbers

A shared first name isn’t the only thing Kimberly (@keepingupwithkimbers) has in common with the Skims founder.

With long hair and a curvy figure, it’s no wonder the TikTok star feels right at home in the mogul’s fashion brand.

Kimberly’s TikTok feed is full of videos that feature her “living in Skims,” including the viral dresses and sexy bodysuits.

In one clip, Kimberly begged Kim K to fess up about her best-kept secret.

Wearing the Ultra Fine Mesh Bodysuit, $78, Kimberly stumbled onscreen as a jaunty tune played in the background.

She did a flawless impression of an inebriated partier coming home still tipsy.

As she stumbled around in a pair of heels, the well-dressed woman appeared to be looking for something.

Kimberly captioned the post, “Coming home after two martinis trying to figure out how Kim K goes pee in these outfits.”

She even tagged the reality star, asking, “What is your secret girl?!”

Despite the challenging mechanics, Kimberly felt the outfit was well worth it.

In fact, she said the Skims mesh collection was “everything.”

Her followers agreed, complimenting the outfit and her skillful navigation of the figure-hugging fabric.

One said Kimberly was “glowing” as she smiled in the all-black ensemble.

“This looks so fire!” a different woman said.

Another said the outfit was “so hot,” and Kimberly was, too. “Yes, queen!” her admirer wrote.