I’m a size 4XL and did a H&M haul but almost nothing fit – either my curves were too much or it hung off me like a sack

SHE’D hoped to find some cute new clothes in her shopping haul from H&M.

But Victoria, who’s a size 4XL, ended up more than a little disappointed, as everything she’d bought was either way too tight or miles too big.

TikTok/@flyforagingerVictoria took to TikTok to share her H&M haul, after ordering loads of new clothes for herself[/caption]

The jeans didn’t go well, as she also couldn’t get these smiley face ones done upTikTok/@flyforagingerShe then tried on this blue and white floral dressTikTok/@flyforagingerBut as well as being too tight, it was way too shortTikTok/@flyforaginger

She began her “wild H&M try on” with a pair of lightwash jeans, and didn’t even bother to try them on as she started her TikTok video: “These pants are obviously way too small.”

A pair of jeans with smiley faces over them were next, but they were also “way too small”.

Victoria then moved onto dresses, trying a white and blue floral number first.

“This dress was too tight and absolutely way too short,” she said, bending over to show just how much of her control underwear it showed off.

A black dress was next, but the straps were “ginormous”, with no way of adjusting them.

It also had a pull tie on the thigh, with Victoria noting she didn’t “know what the heck was happening” with it.

“And it was just a little too short for my liking,” she said.

“So not a fan of this dress.”

A green cardigan was up next, as Victoria noted she had sized down but it was still “plenty roomy”.

“I like it actually,” she said, noting that it was the only thing from the haul that she actually kept.

Victoria next tried on a purple patterned dress, which she said was “fine” but she didn’t like the side slits on.

The black and white cardigan she tried on next was “ginormous”, despite the fact she sized down in it.

She concluded her haul by trying on a pair of pink joggers, which she said were “huge” on her, as well as some T-shirts in a 3XL that were “so see through”.

“No offence but are you sure you’re 4xl?” one person commented on the video.

To which Victoria replied: “Based on their size chart I am a 4XL.

“Some stores I’m a 3XL and at universal standard I’m an XL. I always check measurements.”

“H&M jeans fit so weirdly that I just never buy them,” another wrote.

“I would try on three sizes up from what I normally wear and they’d still be too big.”

“Sizes make no sense at all. I enjoy your try ons,” someone else commented.

“I actually think the black dress looks so flattering!” another wrote.

“Maybe I just gotta get the straps fixed,” Victoria mused.

“Srsly your outfit hauls are so helpful, please keep them coming. Shine bright babe!” someone else commented.

This purple dress was “fine”, but she didn’t like the slits on the sideTikTok/@flyforagingerShe had hoped these pink joggers would fit, but they were “huge” on herTikTok/@flyforaginger