I’m a size 18 and got a Tesco haul – it’s so good it’s impossible to pick a favourite

A SIZE 18 fashion fan has stunned everyone with her recent Tesco fashion purchases.

And style obsessed social media user Hayley said her F&F haul is so good that she can’t bear to pick a favourite outfit.  

A size 18 social media user modelled her latest Tesco haulTiktok – @styleliving_

Hayley, who can be found on TikTok via @styleliving_, headed to her local supermarket store to check out their new collection for the upcoming Spring season.

While there, she picked up three different outfits that can take her from day to night.

And when Hayley got back home, she modelled them for her 37.6k followers and asked for their thoughts on the results of her shopping trip. 

First up, the 31-year-old tried on a mid blue suit with fitted trousers and matching blazer.

She teamed the two-piece with a white crop top style top.

Up next, Hayley walked out in a cream fitted, long sleeved top teamed with a brown wrap pleather skirt.

The faux leather skirt also featured a flattering ruching effect..

While her third and final outfit was a casual black jumpsuit with gold buttons and a drawstring waist and turned up sleeves.

After her DIY catwalk in her hallway, Hayley then asked her followers: “What one is your fav?

“I don’t actually think I can choose!!!”

She also praised Tesco’s sizes for different body shapes, saying that they were very generous and fitted her like a glove.

Hayley continued: “Everything is a size 18, I do think I could have got away with a size 16, though.

“The sizes have come up really good.” 

And her followers were similarly full of praise, as they said she looked phenomenal in each of the ensembles. 

One wrote: “You look amazing in it all.”

A second said: “Thank you for this, on the hunt for some bits and these are lovely and you look beautiful in everything.”

While a third was also full of compliments and thanked her for being their body inspiration. 

They typed: “Stunning! You don’t need to be a size 10 to look gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration.”

She loved all the outfits so much that she couldn’t choose a favouriteTiktok – @styleliving_And her followers all agreed that she looked stunningTiktok – @styleliving_