I’m a size 12 model who’s 5’10 – I’m determined to keep natural curves in fashion, men say I’m ‘gorgeous’

ALTHOUGH people are fearing that the heroin chic, ultra-thin look is back in vogue, one model said she’s determined to steer the industry in a different direction.

A size 12 model said she doesn’t love the stick figure standard in the industryTikTok / @annaliesegann/She loves her curves and wants her body type to be represented in fashionTikTok / @annaliesegann/

Annaliese Gann isn’t a fan of the ‘90s Kate Moss low-rise jean trend.

An Australian model, actor, and influencer, Annaliese embraces her curvy figure and wants others to feel inspired to do the same.

Standing tall at 5’10”, her height may be standard for fashion models, but her size 12 figure is not.

While we had been seeing a rise in curvy women on television and magazine covers – think the Kardashians – the trend has been dipping in the opposite direction as of late.

Ozempic and extreme dieting, unfortunately, seem to be replacing the need for holistic wellness in the entertainment industry.

Annaliese, however, said she doesn’t want to let that happen.

Posting to her TikTok (@annaliesegann), the blonde beauty posed in a cream-colored form fitting crotchet dress.

Looking proud of her beauty, she stepped away from the camera to flaunt her full chest and rounded bottom.

“Nah. I’m determined to keep natural curves in fashion,” she said.

Mouthing the lyrics to the song that played in the background, she implied that the industry is very flawed: “We’ve got a long way to go.”

Although Annaliese said women with her body type are “underrepresented” in modeling, she wants to change that.

Viewers were taken aback by her beauty.

“Excellent work,” one person commented.

“Just perfect! Don’t change,” added another.

“Ya don’t need to convince us men hun,” a third chimed in.

And a fourth thought her look was better than the rest: “Gorgeous and natural always for the win.”

Commenters applauded her words of wisdom and praised her beautyTikTok / @annaliesegann/