I’m a silver-haired cougar – men say I aged like a ‘fine wine’ but they take the Lord’s name in vain when I turn around

A WOMAN showed off her Valentine’s Day dress and people were shocked by her figure.

The self-dubbed cougar put in a little effort for the holiday.

A woman showed off her figure in her Valentine’s Day dressTikTok/silver_doll_

The 55-year-old grandma (@silver_doll_) threw on a pink dress for the special occasion.

“Can I hear a little commotion for the dress?” she asked, nodding along to audio.

“Now let’s hear it for the back of the dress!” the audio said, as audience members began to clap.

She turned to the side, showing off her bum, and lifted up one heel-clad foot.

Surprisingly, the woman was still in search of a date for the evening: “Will you be my valentine?” she asked, adding the hashtag #cougarbae.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Some were shocked at what she was hiding: “All that civil rights movement,” joked one commenter.

“What’s all that movement back there?” said another.

“Fine wine,” said a third.

Others said the lord’s name in vain: “Mrs. Parker! Mrs. Parker! (Lord have mercy!)” said one spiritual viewer.

“Ooh sweet baby Jesus,” said another.

People hyped her up saying she aged like ‘fine wine’TikTok/silver_doll_