I’m a relationship pro & 90% of marriages go wrong because of two common phrases & there’s a high chance you’ve said it

A RELATIONSHIP expert has lifted the lid on two seemingly small phrases that could be a sign that your marriage is about to hit a tricky patch – and they’re not as uncommon as you might think. 

That’s because although they seem harmless at the time, they can begin to cause a wedge between you and your partner, which only worsens over time and can – in worst case scenarios – result in divorce. 

A relationship expert has shared two common phrases people use that they shouldn’tGetty

Social media channel @hunn.clips shared a video where a relationship expert was de-busting the myth that most divorces come about because of cheating or lying. 

She explained: “People are thinking it’s like cheating or doing something major, but it’s actually not.”

She then claimed: “In all studies they found that 90% of divorces can be predicted by this – it’s when your partner is trying to connect and you reject them.”

The pro then shared some specific examples, including the two sentences that could cause chaos in your relationship. 

She continued: “What I mean by this is say, for example, your partner comes home from work and is like, ‘Oh, I’m so tired.’

“And you turn around and say, ‘What are you tired? What have you done all day?’

“That creates distance.”

She went on to add another example, as she said: “Or if they say, ‘Want to watch this?’

“And your partner’s like, ‘You watch s**t shows!’ instead of saying, ‘OK, cool, we’ll watch it.’

“It’s little things like when they’re trying to connect with you, do you respond and be like, ‘Alright, cool, I’ll watch it with you.

“Or do you say, ‘Your programmes are s**t’ and you create that non-responding to their emotional connections.”

The woman then shared her valuable advice on what to do if these sentences are things you hear in your relationship, and how to make sure you avoid them. 

She said: “You might see your partner sad and you don’t even look at them. 

“Whereas a partner that says, ‘Hey, what’s wrong with you?’ and responds to it.

She added that “immediate” response would help to build bridges and put you and your other half in a good place.

The lady went on to say: “Responding to each other’s bid for connection is what leads to a happy relationship.

“People who don’t – it’s a disconnect and it’s a slow divorce.

“Then it leads to cheating, then it leads to looking somewhere else because you’re feeling like, ‘My partner doesn’t see me.’”

She said that these sentences can cause major distancehunn.clips