I’m a psychologist – what your slippers really say about you and how I can tell if your personality type in seconds

AFTER entrepreneur and fashion designer Akshata Murthy, the Prime Minister’s wife, wore a £570 pair of slippers from JW Anderson on the school run last week, psychologist Emma Kenny says what your slippers reveal about you…

GettyPsychologist Emma Kenny can tell your personality type in seconds based on your slipper of choice[/caption]

BACKLESS: Unflappable

BIRKENSTOCK’S backless “Boston Clog” – which also doubles as a slipper – was the best-selling shoe last year, according to fashion search engine Lyst.

The backless style was in high demand as people got back to normal life post Covid, but still wanted to maintain the same level of comfort.

The backless slipper style is in high demand as people get back to normal life post CovidSupplied

EMMA SAYS: If you opt for a backless style like Akshata, it suggests you are organised to the core and work effectively to any schedule that you create.

Your sturdy and ready-for-anything slipper style shows a high level of self-trust and mirrors your stable and effective nature.

Even though you love a plan, you remain surprisingly laid-back in stressful moments, meaning that you are who others go to during any crisis.

Pink backless, £19.99, H&M

BOOT: Procrastinator

WITH most of us not touching the thermostat to save in the cost-of-living crisis, slipper boots have been an essential part of keeping warm at home for many.

With coverage higher up on the ankle, this style keeps your feet and legs more insulated and warmer for longer.

Slipper boots have been an essential part of keeping warm at home this winterSupplied

EMMA SAYS: You love to leave things to the last minute because you believe you fare best under pressure.

You thrive in challenging environments and while others may see your life as loud and chaotic, that’s the very thing you love most about it.

Your slipper is effective both indoors and out on the road, meaning you are always ready for unexpected deadlines and events.

Brown boot, £34, Next


PERFECT hybrid for those who don’t want to feel like they wear shoes morning, noon and night.

With grip on the bottom, they’re not a slip risk but have the same level of warmth as a regular slipper.

SuppliedSlippersocks are for those who don’t want to feel like they wear shoes morning, noon and night[/caption]

EMMA SAYS: You are a real home bird and family forms the centre of your world.

Comfort is always key where your slipper choice is concerned – and the minute that you close the door to the outside world you fully commit to your home life and get as cosy as possible.

You love to be creative and your idealistic nature means that you are always able to see the best in others.

You strive to make your home a haven and always have space and time for others.

Socks, £12, John Lewis

HEELED: Perfectionist

SLIPPERS with a heel give off an illusion of decadence and luxury, and the impression of you swishing around a boudoir in a sheer robe.

They may look impractical but they are ultra sexy.

Slippers with a heel give off an illusion of decadence and luxurySHEIN

EMMA SAYS: You are a proud perfectionist and have high expectations of others, which at times makes you a little intimidating.

You present in your home as you do in the office – with a sense of impeccable style.

Where slippers are concerned you believe comfort lacks sophistication, and you will always choose the latter.

You make no apologies for your standards, as you put 100 per cent into everything you do, meaning you are a loyal friend and creative colleague.

Heeled slipper, £8.99, Shein.co.uk


THERE’S more than likely a design of slippers that you can wear to match your favourite animal, TV series or your most used emoji.

Primark’s statement Reindeer slippers, released last Christmas, were a huge success for the store, with surging sales and high demand for the red-nosed winter warmers.

SuppliedNovelty footwear helps to put you in a good mood[/caption]

EMMA SAYS: You love to put people at ease and are excellent at building rapport, which is why so many people open up to you.

In spite of this talent, you are actually quite guarded when it comes to discussing your own feelings and your circle of trust is therefore quite small.

Your novelty footwear helps to put you in a good mood while reminding you to try to take the world a little less seriously, something you are guilty of from time to time.

Panda slippers, £4, Primark

SLIDERS: Confident

THIS is a slipper for all year round.

Open toe and back means you just have a cushioned sole and they feel like you’re not wearing anything underfoot, but for when the temperatures drop you may not feel very toes-ty.

SuppliedSliders mean that when the weather drops you won’t be feeling too toes-ty[/caption]

EMMA SAYS: You feel comfortable in your own skin and you are way past caring about other people’s judgments.

Your footwear reflects your free and easy nature and you get a buzz from feeling the breeze on your toes connecting you with nature.

You love your individual quirks and your positivity and warm personality is truly infectious.

Your seemingly effortless ability to live in the present is truly enviable.

Green sliders, £8, George at Asda