I’m a professional piercer – here’s the most painful place to get done… it’s not where you’d expect

A PROFFESIONAL piercer has revealed the “most painful” place to get done.

A piercing shop in Canada shared a video on TikTok of a client getting the area pierced.

TikTok/@paradise.montrealA piercer has revealed the most painful place to get pierced[/caption]

TikTok/@paradise.montrealIt’s known as the bridge piercing[/caption]

Paradise Montreal said it is known as the Bridge.

The piercing is at the top of the nose just below the eyebrows.

A needle is shoved through the thin part in the middle of the women’s eyeline.

It is then left in there while the actual stud is put in.

What seemingly only takes a minute to do, the pain for it is supposed to be quite intense.

The video, which can leave you wanting to look away if you’re squeamish, received over 21,000 likes.

It was flooded with hundreds of comments from users.

However, talking from personal experience, some didn’t agree that was the worst one.

One person said: “This was my least painful! The worst was the blood in my eye.”

Another added: “My bridge was one of my least painful.”

A third said: “This was my least painful.”

A lot of people in the comments also felt ear piercings were the most painful.

One person said: “I have 40 and my most painful will be my industrial.”

Meanwhile another agreed: “[Mine was] industrial piercing. It’s so pretty though I love it.”

One piercer recently revealed the four places she would never do.

One of them was the tongue web, which goes underneath the tongue, through the middle of the skin that joins the tongue to the mouth.