I’m a pretty gym girl, I love wearing a cute outfit to workout, it makes me feel so confident and motivated

YOUTUBER Anna Archer loves to share glimpses into her life, from her diets to workouts.

But the self-proclaimed gym girl is also a fashion lover, and says a cute outfit can motivate her and give her confidence in and outside the gym.

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherAnna’s followers loved her turquoise set[/caption]

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherShe adored her new black sports bra[/caption]

To begin, Anna opted for an adorable neon blue matching set to start her week of workouts.

For her second day, she mentioned how comfortable her gym outfit for the day was.

She said: “I’m forcing myself to wear gym outfits I’ve never worn.”

Anna opted for a navy blue and gray patterned legging and bra set.

Anna said: “It’s giving me like soft athletic vibes, it’s really comfy.”

Later in the week, the influencer decided to wear a simple black set for her Pilates workout.

She said: “I want to wear my flares and a comfy top. Obviously I’m doing this trend to wear a new outfit but, no new outfit for Pilates.”

Later in the week, she also opted to wear a comfortable sweatpants set, paired with a washed blue short sleeve top.

For her last outfit in the “TikTok challenge”, she opted for black flares paired with a chocolate brown bra.

After taking viewers through her workouts of the week, Anna unveiled a new delivery of gym clothes.

The gym fashionista unveiled a new asymmetrical camo set from cult favorite Gym Shark.

She held up a gorgeous sage green tank top as well.

Anna said: “You guys, it’s giving me Pilates vibes!”

She also unwrapped a brand new lavender sports bra, which she seemed delighted with.

Anna gushed: “I love a purple, that’s giving me such yummy mummy vibes, you know what I mean?”

She ordered the same sports bra in a black color, which she is already planning to pair with her black flares.

Another fitness fanatic shared her physique in both gym clothes and normal clothes.

Digital creator Evy, known as @evgeniyalvovna on TikTok, enjoys posting fitness content that shows off her athletic ability and toned body.

In one video, Evy asks viewers for their opinion on which outfit is better.

The content creator dazzles viewers with how well she can easily switch between the two styles.

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherThe fitness fanatic shared her workout routines as well[/caption]

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherThis outfit gave “soft athletic vibes”[/caption]

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherShe chose a dark blue short sleeved top for her midweek fit[/caption]

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherShe opted for a stylish chocolate brown sports bra with black leggings[/caption]

YouTubr/ Anna ArcherAnna explained how wearing cute outfits makes her more confident[/caption]