I’m a plus size model and love my curves but hate being sexualised by men – I’m constantly getting creepy DMs

A BODY positive model who regularly flaunts her curves in sexy outfits has said how she hates being sexualised by men.

Sarah Ostiguy, 28, is a digital creator and produces content to show how fashion is for women of all shapes and sizes.

Instagram/@/sarahostiguySarah Ostiguy is a body positive content creator[/caption]

Instagram/@/sarahostiguyShe hates being sexualised by men[/caption]

During her time at college she was keen to get fashion experience, but nobody would hire her, so she started to document her own outfits.

Sarah, from Montreal, Canada, now boasts a huge following on Instagram after being a content creator for seven years.

She says: “I think there’s something beautiful and freeing in seeing someone existing in a body that doesn’t fit beauty standards, and being perfectly content and happy in it.”

Sarah thinks it’s “important” to show a body “that doesn’t fit the standards”.

And says how “we are used to seeing traditionally thin models” displayed in magazines.

Sarah adds: “My content is here to prove that our bodies belong in these beautiful settings too, and it is just as dreamy.”

Sarah often posts content of herself posing in lingerie, showing that she has nothing to hide.

And the comments she gets a mixture of positive and negative, and sometimes inappropriate.

She calls it the “digital version of catcalling.” 

Sarah adds: “I can’t control someone seeing my post and categorising it as sexual.

“However, when they cross the line and message me things they want to do to me, asking for nude photographs, try to video call me, send me inappropriate photos and messages of course it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and a little violated.

Instagram/@/sarahostiguySarah claims she gets creepy messages sent to her[/caption]

Instagram/@/sarahostiguyPeople think it’s OK to ask her for nudes and inappropriate photos[/caption]

“While they use the excuse of it being ‘flattering’ and a ‘compliment’, unwanted sexual attention whether online or in person is never flattering – it’s creepy.”

Sarah often gets “frustrated” and urges others to know that she is a “real person” and nor “objects.” 

She adds: “We are not here for your sexual gratification.

“I truly will never understand why a stranger on the internet feels so compelled to let me know I’m disgusting to them.”

However, she tries to remain positive by telling herself nice things.

Sarah said: “Use words of affirmation.

“‘I am beautiful. I am fierce. I look hot. I’m a confident’.

“Fill your mind with positive, empowering thoughts and fake it until you become it.”

You can find out more about Sarah on Instagram and TikTok.