I’m a plus-size girl – Karens tell me I have no business wearing a bikini but I couldn’t care less, I look great

A PLUS-SIZE woman has hit back at so-called Karens who tell women of a certain size not to wear bikinis.

Many other social media users reject the notion, saying “Life is way too dang short to be so hateful.”

TikTok/banks_822Banksy hit back at Karens over their bikini ban for larger women[/caption]

TikTok/banks_822The TikToker shared a picture of herself rocking a Shein bikini on the beach despite being over 150lbs[/caption]

TikTok user Banksy (@banks_822) is a plus-size woman who advocates for body positivity.

In one video she proved the haters wrong, saying her husband is delighted to see her body in a bikini.

Banksy posted a picture of her rocking a two-piece at the beach and criticized the women for body shaming.

Her caption read: “Body shaming is not a vibe! #plussize #bodypositivity #wearthetwopiece #thick #karen”

Banksy said in the clip: “Do people just wake up and just eat audacity for breakfast, because…uh…what?!”

She then showed the photograph of herself in a tie-dye bikini on the beach.

“Me and that more than 150lbs right there imma wear the two-piece baby,” she said.

Banksy added: “It is hotter than 40 hells outside and I like to get a tan all over so I’m gonna wear it and don’t tell me nobody wants to see it.”

She then posted a photograph of herself in her bikini next to her husband and continued her rant.

She said: Honey, my man – he loves it. Look at him grinning.

“HE LOVES IT. And if you don’t wanna see it, close your eyes ’cause we are gonna wear what we want to wear.”

Viewers flocked to the comments to praise Banksy for her positivity.

“Amen, girl! I weigh over 300 and I have a 2 piece and I also just bought a crop top and it looks cute,” one said.


“Girl yes, dress for yourself,” another TikTok user told her.

TikTok/banks_822Banksy added that her husband is happy with her body in a bikini[/caption]