I’m a mum & wore astro turf as a skirt – people are stunned and ask whether the restaurant let me in but I love it

A MUM who decided to make a skirt made out of astro turf showcased her daring outfit on social media.

Charlie Hayes, from the UK, shared a TikTok video on her account, @churchofstrawberry, wearing her fake grass skirt accessorised with fake daisies and people were left stunned.

TikTok/@churchofstrawberryCharlie promised to turn a sheet of astro turf into a skirt and she didn’t disappoint[/caption]

TikTok/@churchofstrawberryThe mum left people stunned with her ‘teddy bear’s picnic look’[/caption]

In the video, the 22-year-old said: “I’ve been invited out by some of my friends, and I have nothing to wear, so let’s style some fake grass.”

Charlie then produced a roll of the astro turf before transforming it into a teeny tiny mini skirt.

The fashion fan cut the astro turd and used ribbons to tie them together and create cut-out detailing.

The mum then placed fake daisies all over the skirt to style the dress, to match the skirt, Charlie did her eyeshadow in the shapes of daisies.

To add to the look, the young mum wore her teddy bear top, which was literally a child’s teddy bear she had taken the stuffing out of and added ribbon to tie it around her waist and neck.

Charlie paired the look with knee-high strappy pink boots, pink opera gloves and a pink fluffy coat and matching bag.

She added: “Okay. This is the fit, I f***ing love it., it’s so camp.

“Um, will I be cold? Yes. I get asked that all the time, yes, I will be.

“But it will be so worth it.”

The video soon went viral with over three million views and over 290k likes.

People took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the mum’s outfit.

One person even asked: “Genuine question. Do places stop you going in because of your style? Awesome btw!”

Charlie replied: “Never luckily hahahah.”

Another person commented: “Katy Perry would scream if she saw this.”

“Calling this look ‘Teddy bear Picnic,’” penned a third.

A fourth added: “New term of lady garden.”

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: “It’s so iconic, love love love.”

“It’s giving teddy bears picnic and I love it,” claimed a sixth.