I’m a mum – a £4.99 Home Bargains find is a must-have for kids parties – it instantly transforms a space

PLANNING a kids party can be tough – but one mum has revealed the must-have £4.99 Home Bargains item which saved the day for her.

The mum revealed she picked up a colourful sweet shop stand which fully transformed her room, and was easy to assemble.

A mum showed off the colourful sweets stand she picked up from Home Bargainstiktok/@ashleighmoneysavertiktok/@ashleighmoneysaverShe said the stand is perfect for children’s birthday parties or Easter[/caption]

In a video, TikTok mum @ashleighmoneysaver showed how she bought the large cardboard stand for under a fiver to make a “pick and mix” stand.

She said: “Got a birthday party coming up? This £4.99 accessory is a MUST HAVE from Home Bargains.

“It comes with 12 bags that you can fill with your own pick and mix and the stand is really easy to put together.

“It literally only took me a couple of minutes.”

She showed how the sweets stand had tabs that you slot into place, and added: “It’s so simple, you just pop it into place like this.

“This would be great for children’s birthday parties, Easter parties or anything else and you could even reuse it as a child’s play toy afterwards if you wanted to.”

Ashleigh showed off the constructed stand, and then filled the rainbow-coloured bags with sweets she picked up for a couple of quid.

She added: “They stand up really easily which is really useful.”

The mum advised you cut strawberry straws in half to fit in the bag better, and then add strawberry laces to pad out the bag, and then a gummy mix on top.

Her video has racked up over 10,000 likes – and many parents were quick to comment.

One mum said: “i bought this 2 years ago and still use it for every birthday for my daughters.”

A second commented: “awww this is such a cute idea!!”

And a third wrote: “They have a popcorn one too!”

tiktok/@ashleighmoneysaverAshleigh showed how easy the stand is to assemble[/caption]

tiktok/@ashleighmoneysaverThe finished result looked very colourful and transformed her room[/caption]

She filled the 12 bags with sweets to go on the standtiktok/@ashleighmoneysaver