I’m a money-saving shopper and my 36p Air Fryer spuds are a must – they’re quick, easy and perfectly crispy

A MONEY-SAVING foodie has shared her ultimate Air Fryer spuds recipe – and it costs under 40p.

Over the years, air fryers have become all the rage – and one of those who’s purchased this handy device is TikTok user Becky Excell (@beckyexcell).

The cheap recipe only calls for a few ingredients – canned spuds, oil, some flour and your favourite spicesTikTok/@beckyexcell/The crispy spuds should be ready in under 20 minutesTikTok/@beckyexcell/

Becky is all about cutting the costs where possible, and now she’s found a way to make scrumptious spuds in her air fryer.

The best part? Not only is the recipe super easy, but it’s also affordable and takes just minutes.

”Let’s take these tinned potatoes to the next level and make the most perfect crispy spuds,” the foodie told her 229.8k followers on TikTok.

For this, she demonstrated in the video, the steps are pretty simple and straightforward.

Open your can of potatoes – Becky used Hubbard’s Foodstore spuds that retail for just 36p in Sainsbury’s – and dry them thoroughly.

Place the spuds in a bowl before drizzling them with oil, flour and spices – paprika, salt and pepper to your taste.

Preheat your air fryer at 200C for a few minutes and then cook for 16 to 18 minutes until crisp and golden.

”Give them a shake half way through,” she noted.

Becky chuckled: ”Definitely buy yourself a few tins, as they last absolutely ages and give them a try.”

The clip soon racked up over 770k views and hundreds of hungry foodies flocked to comments, many of whom couldn’t wait to give it a go.

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One budget shopper said: ”tinned potatoes are underrated.”

Someone else shared their recipe: ”No flour on mine just a bit of olive oil, garlic and herb seasoning surprisingly tasty!”

”I tried these in my air fryer and they exploded! Put me off trying again but yours look very tasty,” a third had a rather unfortunate experience.

”I tried these potatoes and wasn’t keen, the inside was like mush,” a fourth claimed.

On the lookout for more easy recipes? Well, one Aussie mum’s got one for you – air fryer hotdogs that are great for a quick after-school snack.

Like most parents, the one thing that mum-of-three Taneeka Paige (@teneekapaiigee) struggles with is time to feed her boys.

Luckily, the young mum, from the sunny coasts of Australia, has come up with a simple recipe that’s also perfect for a quick after-school bite.

The easy dish – air fryer hotdogs – has become a hit amongst her children and we’re sure your kids will love it just as much.

”I think these would really good for birthday parties or an afternoon snacks.

”They’re really convenient, super quick,” she said in the video.

The best part? You don’t need heaps of ingredients either – all she used was puff pastry, mini sausages and cheese.

”I cut them up into six even squares. I then added on a red Frankfurt sausage and a little bit of Mozzarella grated cheese.

”Then I rolled them up like little sausage rolls.”

Once assembled, the Aussie foodie coated them in egg before putting them inside her air fryer for ten minutes at 200C.

However, as every air fryer is different, the mum-of-three reminded to check up on the sausage bites every now and then.

”When they’re golden brown, just take them out, turn them over and put them back in until the other side’s ready.”

Showing off the final product, Taneeka said: ”The boys really enjoyed them […], so definitely try them out.”

Of course, the recipe went down a treat on TikTok, where hundreds flocked to comments to thank the food fan.

”oooh we love woolies puffy dogs so gonna have to try this!!” a fellow foodie exclaimed.

Someone else revealed how to elevate these even more, recommending: ”I like these but i also brush some smokey tomato sauce (or bbq sauce) on the pastry before i add the frankfurt and cheese [sic].”

”Tried these after seeing you video and my kids loved them!” read a positive review.

”Oooh I’ll have to try these for my daughters birthday party,” a parent was going to give the hotdogs a go.

The recipe has gone viral on TikTok – will you give it a go too?TikTok/@beckyexcell/