I’m a mom with DD boobs in the ‘no bra’ club – I found the best top which you can jump around in without any ‘flop’

AN ITEM described as “pure sorcery” has allowed a mom with DD boobs to join the “no bra” club.

She was so thrilled with her discovery, that she bought the item in every color.

TikTok/thevanillavixenTikToker Kaity Michelle has found a way of going braless[/caption]

TikTok/thevanillavixenShe has DD boobs so ditching the bra can be problematic[/caption]

Kaity Michelle’s (@thevanillavixen) glee was obvious in her recent post.

Her blonde hair piled luxuriantly on top of her head, she jumped up and down, her face beaming in a recent post.

This was one new item she was not going to be without.

Ditching the bra when you have big boobs represents a whole host of problems.

Back pain is one issue, and jiggle-wiggle is another.

Kaity’s delight on chancing upon these tank tops that restrict the bounce factor was one of infectious delight.

“When you can jump around with no bra on with DD mom boobs and not flop around instead,” she said.

She couldn’t believe how supportive they were: “Now that’s some freakin magic tank top right there.”

And she had an announcement: “No more bras for these mom DDs.”

Comments to her post were a mix of the converted and the soon-to-be converted.

“Believe me these hold everywhere but feel like you’re free,” said one enthusiastic fan.

“I just ordered two. Excited to try them,” was the verdict of another.

Finally, this fan agreed – they were magic: “What is the name of this sorcery? I need it.”

No flop hereTikTok/thevanillavixen