I’m a meteorologist – old viewers tell me my dresses are too short and tight, but fans say not to let others shame me

A METEOROLOGIST is shamed for what she wears to go on air.

She doesn’t let it get to her, however — after all, someone has to bring the heat.

TikTok/amandalauren1120A meteorologist gets criticized by older viewers for her dresses[/caption]

Amanda Pappas, a reporter and entertainer, shared her story in a video with over 20,000 TikTok followers.

“When OLD TV viewers say my dresses are too tight and I dress ‘slutty’ when I wear dresses an inch above my knee,” she said, sporting a knit black dress.

In response, Amanda lip-synched to a SZA song to relay her feelings on the criticism: “And if you wonder if I hate you, I do.”

“I really do.”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Many encouraged her to do her thing and ignore the hate.

“Nonsense. You are beautiful and your dresses are just right,” said one supporter.

“Please pay no attention to those people.”

“You keep doing you Amanda,” said another.

“Never let anyone shame you girl,” said a third.

“Haters are always going to hate.”

TikTok/amandalauren1120She clapped back at the hate by singing along to a SZA song[/caption]