I’m a member of the no-bra club, I will haunt you forever if you make a creepy move

A COMMITTED no bra wearer has said she will haunt the mortician who dresses her dead body forever if they contain her boobs in one.

A TikTok creator said the thought came to her after she discovered dead women will sometimes be put in a bra when they are prepared for a casket.

TikTok / .justkristaTikTok creator Krista (@justkrista) said her ghost will haunt you when she is dead if you don’t let her boobs be free[/caption]

TikTok / .justkristaTikTok creator Krista (@justkrista) is committed to wearing no bra even when she is dead[/caption]

“I was today years old when I learned that they always put a bra on a dead woman,” TikTok creator Krista (@justkrista) said in the video.

“If you’re seeing this and you’re attending to my dead corpse… If you put a bra on my dead ass titties I will haunt you for f*****g ever.”

Krista insisted in the caption: “Just let them be free.”

The no-bra lover needs to be put to rest with nothing covering up the girls.

Multiple people responded in the comments to her request.

The message seemed to reach the right people on the social media platform as someone who works at a funeral commented saying: “I love that I’m in the funeral business and this popped up in my fyp lol”

A second user confirmed the funeral home will do what is preferred by the person: “They do what is requested”

Another user said she ran into the same problem with her mother: “My mom passed 6 months ago…I put pasties on her ’cause that’s all she would wear.”

Krista must be referring to when family members request to have the mortician dress the deceased person’s body in a bra.

It seems she is in luck and will have nothing to worry about when the time comes.

Another committed no-bra wearer on TikTok has declared she is over “Karens” allegedly giving her dirty looks when she doesn’t wear a bra while grocery shopping.

While this no-bra club member says her end-of-the-day routine is “the best feeling ever” because she can “unleash the demons.”

TikTok / .justkristaFure morticians have been warned not to put TikTok creator Krista (@justkrista) in a bra when she dies or they will be haunted[/caption]