I’m a McDonald’s delivery driver – here’s why your order gets forgotten about

A MCDONALD’s delivery driver has revealed why your order gets forgotten about.

Using a GoPro, the fast food delivery worker details her journey on picking up takeaways first-hand.

TiktokA McDonald’s delivery driver revealed why your order gets forgotten about[/caption]

TiktokShe detailed her journey first-hand[/caption]

TiktokThe fast food driver explained that ‘nothing was getting done’ in the video[/caption]

Posting the footage to TikTok, the video starts with her standing in a McDonald’s to collect an order before she leaves.

Explaining her decision, she says: “I give up with that order, they’re getting none ready, there’s no one doing deliveries.”

The delivery driver then adds that she has been there for 29 minutes only to receive “absolutely nothing”.

With no progress on the food, the TikToker decides to pick up a Starbucks delivery that has come through on her phone.

She can be heard grumbling to herself about how inefficient that store is.

Returning to that McDonald’s later the driver is incredibly told by staff that they are “not allowed” to give her orders anymore.

She said that staff said this is because she uploaded her footage to social media.

The original video went viral and racked up over three million views.

After being “banned from McDonald’s” the delivery driver said she would soon be complaining.

Commenting on her side of the story, she claimed that she would be e-mailing the fast food chain’s head office.

And the TikToker said she was stunned at being “banned” simply because of “negative comments” as the Maccies staff have watched her videos before.

It comes as a fuming customer claimed that her new McDonald’s McSpicy burger came with a bite taken out of it.

While a savvy customer shared their tip for getting a Big Mac and fries for £1.99.

The TikToker is a Maccies superfan and showed step-by-step instructions to netting the bargain.

Meanwhile, one staff member at the fast food chain warned customers to never be rude to staff – as they’ll deliberately sabotage their meals.

The ex-employee lifted the lid on how fed up team members deal with people who are disrespectful and reckons it’ll make people think twice.

And another McDonald’s worker has told how she was forced to quit her job after realising she was too sexy for the role.

McDonald’s has been contacted for comment.