I’m a ‘hot mom’ – I’m constantly mistaken for my daughter’s sister even though I’m 20 years older than her

ONE hot mom is 20 years older than her teenage kid, but people never think so.

The brunette woman gets mistaken for her daughter’s sister constantly.

Brittany Xavier gets mistaken for her daughter’s sisterYouTube/Brittany XavierShe’s 20 years older than her and two inches tallerYouTube/Brittany Xavier

Social media mom Brittany Xavier (@brittanyxavier) posted a video to disclose the comments she gets when she’s out with her daughter.

She and her daughter stood side-by-side in bright green outfits.

Brittany donned a floral strappy dress, while her daughter wore a graphic tank top and jeans.

“Questions we get asked together in public,” the caption read.

The first one asked: “Are you guys sisters?”

“No, mom and daughter,” Brittany responded.

Commenters inquire about their age gap next.

Lastly, people will question their heights as both look to be about the same.

In actuality, Britanny is two inches taller than her child.

She is 5’10”, and her daughter is 5’8″.

Viewers were shocked to see the two next to one another.

Over 2,100 YouTube user commented on their appearances.

One amazed individual asked: “No one’s gonna talk about how much her mom looks like Dua Lipa?”

“They’re a cute mom and daughter, but no one is out here asking if they’re siblings,” a skeptic remarked.

Another person added: “The mom just looks young, and the daughter looks really mature for her age.”

“The people that ask that are just hitting on you. They know damn well you are the mother,” a viewer noted.