I’m a Hooters girl – we have a secret to make our boobs look good at my bar, men are desperate to visit and ‘tip $100’

IN Las Vegas, everything sparkles, from neon signs to showgirls to the servers at the bars.

One Hooters employee revealed the eye-catching way she and her restaurant coworkers make their chests look worthy of the strip.

Val is a server at a Hooters location in Las Vegas, NevadaTikTok / @ohdangvalVal shared the secret Hooters servers at her bar use to look good and get tipsTikTok / @ohdangval

In a TikTok video, Hooters staffer Val (@ohdangval) gave viewers a sneak peek at the industry’s best-kept beauty secret.

Posing in uniform, Val had her cleavage on full display – and some additional decoration to draw the eye.

Her chest had a dusting of fine, white glitter that shimmered in the light.

As Val smirked and raised an eyebrow, she held up a small white compact mirror.

Val hinted it was the secret weapon of “every Hooters girl in Vegas with glittery chests.”

The camera zoomed in and showed Val was holding the Makeup by Mario Master Crystal Reflector highlighter in the shade quartz, $26.

According to Val, the tiny, shiny cake of makeup left her “looking like Edward [Cullen]” from Twilight.

Even though the fictional character earned his shiny skin by being a vampire, Val’s followers still wanted to recreate the look.

“I want glitter,” one commenter pouted. Another said the Makeup by Mario shade was her favorite highlighter.

Val’s trick totally worked on followers who were desperate to visit her Hooters location in Vegas.

“Which location? I’ll tip you $100,” one man offered.

A different admirer said he should probably stay away.

“Y’all get me in trouble,” he said, clearly going off prior experience.

TikTok / @ohdangvalVal said this $26 highlighter has earned its weight in tips[/caption]

Women weren’t immune to Val’s sparkly spell.

“I gotta go to Hooters,” one woman wrote. “Y’all seem lit.”

Val encouraged her to drop by and swore to give her the best seat in the house.

And another fan of the Twilight series saw an opening to flirt.

“Girl, you know damn well you’re the Edward that Bella wished she had,” the suggestive suitor wrote.