I’m a Hooters girl – the uniform is so tight, I get winded putting it on

A FORMER Hooters employee has revealed just how hard it is to put on one of the restaurant’s tiny uniforms.

Content creator Jade Amber recorded the nearly 45-second process of her putting on her Hooters shirt. 

Jade Amber tried to stretch the tight material over her torsoTikTokShe panted while she tugged at the stingy hemlineTikTok

“I was going to put a sound over this but no. LISTEN TO ME BEING WINDED FROM PUTTING MY FREAKIN SHIRT ON,” she wrote in her TikTok caption.

Her constricting uniform consisted of black mini shorts and sheer nude tights as well as a snug long-sleeve shirt with a wide plunging neckline.

With her arms already in the sleeves, Jade shakily put her head through the neckline and stretched her arms to get the fabric over her shoulders.

She then shakily tugged down the shirt over her breasts and stomach before letting out a heavy breath. 

The shirt’s neckline awkwardly stretched towards her armpits, leaving her bra straps exposed. It also only landed above Jade’s exposed belly button.

Again, she began tugging down the bottom of the shirt before adjusting the neckline to try to cover her bra.

Jade then partially flipped over her shorts’ waistband, revealing her tights.

As she pulled the tight fabric even further down, Jade panted. The text, “I was winded,” popped up on the screen.

The Hooters employee tugged at the neckline and hemline of the shirt again before tucking it into her shorts.

“And that’s how we get our shirts on,” Jade said, sounding winded while posing and throwing up peace signs.

Viewers were astonished by the tiny and constricting uniform.

“Idk how much y’all get paid but i doubt it’s enough,” one commenter wrote.

Many people said they would immediately start sweating through the shirt and imagined it feeling claustrophobic.

“OMG imagine taking that off after sweating all day?” another person inquired about the further strain for a Hooters employee to remove their uniform.

Since Jade released her video, Hooters has updated its employee’s uniforms, but they are just as tiny and controversial. 

Her final look was extremely form-fittedTikTok