I’m a hairstylist – the mistake you’re making in the shower that’s leaving your locks greasy before you’ve even finished

A HAIRSTYLIST has revealed the mistake people make in the shower that actually causes their hair to get greasy before they’ve even finished.

Jillian took to her DIY Hair School TikTok page to share her tip, as she wrote: “If your hair gets greasy extremely fast you probably wash your hair in water that is too hot.”

Tiktok – @diyhairschoolJillian took to TikTok to share a commonly made shower mistake that leaves hair greasy[/caption]

AlamyIt’s all to do with the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair[/caption]

“Did you know hot water can make your scalp more oily?” she added in her caption.

“I thought this was going to say something about washing hair too frequently & I was like ‘I do NOT’,” one person commented on the video.

“But the hot water? probably true!! I had no idea!!”

“Hot water causes sebaceous glads to get overactive,” Jillian replied.

“Well. I do this. And my hair is super greasy,” another added.

“I love learning new things about myself at 33.”

“Leave my hell water alone. But this is probably true lol,” someone else wrote.

“I love my scorching hot showers!!!” another added.

While someone else commented: “Its true, ever since I switched to cold water my hair’s less greasy.”

“Okay cause I love scorching water but my hair has gotten greasy quicker lately and I didn’t know why,” another wrote.

“WHAAAAT!!?? Jesus I don’t think I’ve done a single hair thing correctly my entire life,” someone else sighed.

Tiktok – @diyhairschoolShe explained that hot water causes sebaceous glads to get overactive[/caption]