I’m a gym girl – my body looks different when I’m not posing, women say they wish more people were honest like me

A FIT gym girl shared a candid video unposed to show what real bodies look like.

She wanted to remind people that bodies look different on social media versus in real life.

Anna, a fitness influencer, shared what her body looked like posedTikTok/healthyishanna

Anna (@healthyishanna), a firefighter and fitness influencer, shared the video with her TikTok followers.

The content creator stood in front of a mirror in a sports bra and leggings to show what her body looks like posed.

“Reminder: Bodies that look like this…” she said.

She transitioned into a video of herself working out later that same day.

“Also look like this…” she finished, showing off what her body really looks like as she’s working out.

“And this…. and this!!” she added as she continued exercising.

“A reminder you might need today,” she said with the hashtag #bodypositivity.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts — some wished others were as honest as she was.

“Imagine if everyone shared content like this, and we all just felt comfortable in our bodies,” said one commenter.

Others internalized her message but had a hard time applying it to themselves: “The problem is that I see this on you and think you look incredible but pick myself apart for it,” said one commenter.

Anna replied with grace and insight: “I am the same, it’s all a process, and progress isn’t linear,” she said.

“As someone who recently started in the gym and had 2 babies thinking I’ll never look like a gym girly, thank you, you are amazing,” said a third.

TikTok/healthyishannaShe revealed what her body looks like unposed as a reminder that social media is not always real[/caption]