I’m a gym girl – I showed viewers how to build their glutes to look like mine, and people say I look ‘amazing’

ONE gym girl squatted some weights to show viewers how it’s done.

The experienced gym-goer shared her glute exercises so others could acquire similar gains.

A gym girl squatted with a hand weight to show viewers how they can build their glute musclesYouTube/neurosciencepodcastShe alternated between squatting with a hand weight and a plateYouTube/neurosciencepodcast

The fitness YouTube account (@neurosciencepodcast) posted a video of the woman working out.

In the corner of the gym, the woman grabbed a set of weights.

Her workout attire consisted of tiny black athletic shorts and a razor-back sports bra.

The woman had her hair pulled back into a bun and tucked in a black baseball cap.

She tucked two plates under the heels of her Nike sneakers.

Keeping the plates under her feet, she held one weight in her hands.

The gym junkie performed one squat before standing up straight.

She dropped the hand weight and picked up a plate in front of her to squat with.

Her routine was alternating between these two different squats.

Throughout the exercise, her heels were raised to put pressure on the glutes.

“Try this superset on your next leg day,” the woman said.

Viewers had mixed opinions on whether her regimen was effective.

A skeptical individual wrote: “Everyone is a fitness expert as long as you have a phone and can wear the least amount of clothes possible in the gym.”

“Wow, this superset is lifechanging. You just hold a plate, then grab another,” one sarcastic person commented.

One supportive woman said: “You look amazing, girl. Glad that you ignore the haters. Keep it up!”

“So you hold a free weight in front of you with your heels supported, then switch to a set of supporting your heels and holding a free weight in front of you. Got it,” one gym fan clarified.