I’m a gym girl – I showed off my ‘glute gains’ evolution over three years, even women say ‘Lord have mercy’

ONE gym girl’s glute gains has led to some serious growth in interest from strangers on the internet.

The fitness fan showed off her muscle gains, and people became obsessed with her.

Exercise coach Tosca showed off her glute growthTikTok/coachedbytoscaShe’s been working on building muscle back there for three yearsTikTok/coachedbytosca

In her video, exercise coach Tosca (@coachedbytosca) exposed her body transformation over three years.

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw her glutes grow in videos recorded over that time.

She started by including a clip of her squatting a bar in tight blue leggings.

“Not me thinking I was the baddest b in the world in those Gym Shark leggings,” Tosca admitted.

Immediately, the video switched and her butt was even bigger.

Tosca wore purple booty shorts and one weight around her ankle.

The fitness coach had built up her backside.

It had grown even more in the following clip, which showed her in another pair of baby blue workout leggings.

She stared at herself from behind, popping her butt in the mirror.

Tosca slightly flexed her glute muscles as she shifted her weight to her back legs.

Awed men and women rushed to the comments section to express their amazement.

“Girl, the way my eyes OPENED… slay,” one enamored woman wrote.

Another interested viewer said: “I’m no better than a man, Lord have mercy.”

A forward man made his introduction: “Hello.”

“My boyfriend is going to leave me,” a jealous woman noted.

An admirer added: “I was gonna skip the gym today. But you just reminded me why I need to go.”

Awed women and men commented on their obsession with herTikTok/coachedbytosca