I’m a gym girl – I love my little itty bitty bra but when I’m working out I fear my boob is about to pop out

THIS fit girl has strong feelings about her sports bra when she’s at the gym.

The influencer explained that although she’s a fan of the style, she often feels inclined to cover up if the piece shows a little too much for her liking.

YouTube/ Whitney SimmonsPopular fitness influencer Whitney Simmons had serious reservations about her sports bra in a recent video[/caption]

YouTube/ Whitney SimmonsShe warned her millions of followers that the wrong bra size could make some women feel like their top could malfunction at any moment[/caption]

Whitney Simmons (@WhitneySimmons), fitness influencer and partner with popular apparel brand Gymshark, took to YouTube to explain her feelings in a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) vlog.

Whitney notably has her own clothing line with the brand and has racked up over 2.14 million subscribers on her channel.

As she prepared to head out for the gym, Whitney grabbed a Gymshark sports bra and leggings to pair together.

“Today we’re doing neutrals,” the influencer explained.

“So I have my cream ‘titty bra’…in like this cream and then the new fleck leggings in chocolate brown.”

Whitney continued later in the video that she was working out her chest, shoulders, and triceps during her workout.

However, she stopped for a moment to note that other gym girls should beware of the risks that she feels the “titty bra” has.

“Listen, I love my titty bra, okay — if you got bigger titties than me, you might feel a little uncomfortable in the titty bra,” Whitney said.

“The titty bra is the titty bra of my dreams, but sometimes, like on the close grip chest press, I’m like, ‘my titty might bust out of this.’”

Despite the possibility of the sports bra malfunctioning, she continued her workout throughout the rest of the video.

Whitney also isn’t the only influencer with this fear when heading to the gym, as several others have noted it, with some even being kicked out altogether just for wearing a sports bra at their fitness center.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, one woman only just found what she claims to be the “must-have” sports bra for “big-chested ladies.”

The TikToker found an Amazon selection that was supportive and relatively affordable in comparison to other luxury fitness brands.

Others are simply struggling to be allowed to wear sports bras that work in university gyms.

Utah State University undergraduate Rachel Cosby (@rachelcosby0) explained in a recent video that she was dress-coded and even chastised later on for doing so.

Not to mention, being unable to wear a sports bra or having a kind that doesn’t work can be detrimental to the health routines of others.

Some use cute and comfortable outfits to feel confident and motivated.

With all the struggles, others have decided to scrap the bras completely.

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YouTube/ Whitney SimmonsWhitney chose the cream Gymshark sports bra and the chocolate brown leggings[/caption]