I’m a gym girl and people can’t believe my ripped body – or what I eat to keep it that way

A GYM girl has revealed what she eats in a day to keep her body looking ripped.

To keep up with her muscular physique, she insists she must get an optimal amount of protein each day.

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieTikTok creator Katie eats a whooping 200grams of protein a day to keep her body looking ripped[/caption]

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieKatie started her day off with egg whites and turkey sausage[/caption]

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieShe joked that her blood is made of chocolate milk because of how much she drinks throughout the day[/caption]

“This is what I eat in a day of 200g of protein and god knows how many calories,” TikTok creator Katie (@fitkingkatie) said in a video.

Katie broke down what a normal amount of protein intake looks like on a daily for her and understands it may seem like a lot to some.

She started off by showing her cup of coffee, accompanied by chocolate milk.

In the caption of the video, she made a joke that “My blood is chocolate milk” because of how much she drinks in a day.

One cup of milk has about 8grams of protein.

“I have a cup of coffee with a cup of fair-life chocolate milk,” she said.

Katie then gets into the nitty gritty which includes several other servings of protein.

“My daily vitamin, an English muffin with some Jif all-natural peanut butter, two cups of egg whites, and three turkey sausage, and a peach,” she said.

“One serving of Kodiak cakes with chocolate chips, eight ounces of steak and some brown rice, another glass of fair life chocolate milk.

“Then I have some optimal nutrition pre-workout and creatine.

“Some fair life protein after the gym.

“And I was still hungry, so I got a 10-piece lemon pepper from B Dubs.”

People in the comments were amazed at her massive amount of protein intake.

One user was shocked she can eat 200grams and simply said “200g of protein” with a shocked emoji face.

Another user pointed out how good her body looks because of her dedication to protein and said: “God… you look amazing. Actual goals, great job.”

Others were shocked and said: “D**n girl!!!!” and “D**n little lady.”

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieThere are about 56 grams of protein in eight ounces of steak[/caption]

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieThere are about 14 grams of protein in one serving of Kodiak pancakes[/caption]

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieThere are about 7 grams of protein in one serving of Jif peanut butter[/caption]

TIKTOK/@fitkingkatieKatie said she was still hungry after everything she ate throughout the day so she ended it with a 10-piece boneless chicken wings[/caption]