I’m a girl mechanic – I love my job as a ‘grease monkey’ but other women say they’d be fired if they dressed like me

A GIRL mechanic shows some skin to get greasy at work.

The hardworking woman shared her look in the shop, but people weren’t impressed.

Female mechanic Daimee posted a video of her giving a car an oil changedaimeecharisma_rosales/TikTok

Daimee Rosales (@daimeecharisma_rosales) posted a video of her giving a car an oil change.

The skilled female mechanic stood underneath the vehicle, covered in grease.

Her all-black look helped conceal the black stains, but viewers didn’t think her outfit was appropriate.

She wore high-waisted skinny jeans and a cropped black T-shirt.

Most of her stomach was visible when she lifted her arms.

Daimee donned a pair of high-top laced work boots.

“When you’re working and the wind is blowing your hair, it then feels like I’m in a photoshoot,” Daimee proclaimed.

“Love my job #greasemonkey.”

While Daimee felt confident in her outfit, people couldn’t understand how she could wear the revealing attire.

A critical woman commented: “My boss would probably fire me if I go to work like that. Proper work clothes and hair in a bun are a must.”

“Hope it is for video purposes only, but free long hair, and no protective glass are a hazardous situation! You’re young please protect yourself,” one experienced individual pointed out.

An individual added: “Be careful with the hair. It’s pretty, but it might get caught.”

A man thought doubted Daimee was a mechanic entirely.

“Your boots tell the story….. you are definitely on a photoshoot,” he said.

However, an interested man thought differently.

“Now, that’s a lady you take home to your mom,” the excited viewer proclaimed.

Another man agreed: “Love me a woman like this.”

Women thought they’d get fired if they wore her all-black cropped outfitdaimeecharisma_rosales/TikTok