I’m a gas technician – you could save more than 20% on your energy bills, here’s how

A BRITISH Gas engineer has revealed how you could save more than 20 per cent on your energy bills with these handy hacks.

Expert technician Simon, 40, has shared his knowledge with homeowners who want to slash their monthly outgoings.

GettyThe British Gas boffin shared his tips on reducing your energy bills[/caption]

As the cost of living crisis rages on, it’s important that Brits are getting a bang for their buck when it comes to energy bills.

Over half of the cost for most households comes from heating and hot water – so an efficient boiler is essential.

Replacing an old, uneconomical boiler with an energy-efficient one could save you more than 20 percent on your gas bills.

The Energy Saving Trust says a well-running heating system is “one of the most important steps you can take to reduce your fuel bills and your carbon dioxide emissions.”

So for those who don’t want to waste their cash on lukewarm radiators, Simon says he has some useful tips.

The British Gas worker, from Cornwall, first encouraged people to splash out on new systems – as it will save them money in the long run.

He told the Mirror: “In a nutshell, boiler efficiency is about making sure all of the fuel being used to power your system actually goes into heating your home, rather than being lost or wasted.

“You pay for 100 per cent of the energy you use, so you want to get the maximum heat possible from that source.”

He explained that modern A-rated condensing boilers easily beat older models – especially if they’re over 15 years old.

Simon said: “Chances are it’s not a condensing boiler, which means it’s running far less efficiently than it should do, and it’s perhaps time for a switch.

“An upgrade doesn’t mean changing your entire system.”

He explained the process can actually be quite “simple” but admitted there is “no one-size-fits-all option” for homes.

Simon then went on to stress the importance of arranging a service for your boiler to check it is all in working order.

The gas expert believes it is the “best way” to confirm that your central heating system is working efficiently.

He added: “There aren’t many tell-tale signs for boilers working inefficiently; you need someone who knows what to look for to give it a proper once-over.”

However, he explained that radiators do provide some hints to homeowners.

Simon continued: “Do your radiators have cold spots or take ages to heat up?

“If so, they could be full of air or dirt that is stopping them from working properly, and that can make a big difference.”

The British Gas boffin advised Brits to bleed their radiators to get rid of the build-up or to ask an engineer to do it while they service their boiler.

Simon finished off his list of recommendations by reminding people to reign in their habits of overusing the heating.

He said: “Many people leave their heating on far longer than necessary.

“Smart thermostats such as Hive, which you can control from wherever you are, can save a surprising amount of money and prevent your heating firing up long before you need it.

“Radiators stay warm for a good 30-45 minutes after you turn off the heating, so also consider shutting it down half an hour before you normally would in the morning and evenings.

“You’ll be surprised how much that saves in the long term.”

Simon believes the country needs to be informed so people can save cash while getting the most out of their appliances.

He added: “I love my job, always have.

“It can be very rewarding fixing someone’s appliance – especially if they’re elderly or vulnerable.

“We’re able to help people in so many ways, and deliver a high level of service.”