I’m a former hotel manager and there are two things guests should never use in the rooms

A FORMER hotel manager has revealed the two items guests should never use when staying in the rooms.

Hotel rooms are used by lots of different people and not everyone treats things as respectfully as perhaps they should.

Getty – ContributorHotel guests should avoid using the ice buckets in their rooms according to Melissa[/caption]

This can lead to some of the items in the room being much dirtier than guests would expect them to be.

Melissa Hanks (@melly_creations) used to manage hotels and knows which items in the room shouldn’t be trusted by visitors.

She revealed in a video on Tiktok that whenever she’s staying in a hotel she steers clear of glasses and ice buckets – for some pretty grim reasons.

While showing people the items in her hotel room, she said: “The drinking glasses in this room are sealed. They have the plastic on them.

“There are some hotels where they have the glass glasses, and I would not use those unless I washed them out completely myself first.”

Melissa then turned her attention to the ice bucket, saying: “This guy’s another story – I will not use an ice bucket at all.

“People use these for things that you don’t even want to think about, I’ve cleaned out puke from them.

“If I need ice, I will use this bag and I’ll just fill it up with ice, or I’ll take the cups to fill them up.”

The video has been seen more than 200,000 times, with other hotel staff members echoing Melissa’s advice.

One wrote: “As a former room attendant I use to find urine, vomit, cigarette ash and dog food in the ice buckets.”

Another warned against using the ice in general. They said: “I worked at a major hotel for 10 yrs and our ice machine was NEVER cleaned…. Avoid ice in general, not just the bucket.”

A former emergency medical technician (EMT) explained what else they’d come across in hotel ice buckets.

They added: “When I was an EMT, we would get called to accidental amputations and the fingers or etc would be on ice in the ice bins.”

Melissa isn’t the first person to warn hotel guests about the dangers of the hotel ice either.

An investigation by public health inspectors in the US cities of St Paul and Minneapolis has found hotel ice machines and ice buckets can be rife with bacteria.

Fox9 reviewed records of hotel inspections and found that ice machines at the Minneapolis Sheraton Midtown hotel had “pink slime build-up in the interiors of all ice machines inspected on site”.

The website reported: “Ice machines are on the inspection list because if not cleaned properly, bacteria can grow and make a guest sick.

“Bugs such as listeria can also contaminate the ice and cause flu-like symptoms, including diarrhoea.”

Meanwhile, this simple hotel mistake could result in you losing your room to someone else.

And guests always annoy housekeeping staff members by trying to help them when checking out.

GettyMelissa used to manage hotels and has warned about using certain items (stock image)[/caption]