I’m a fit teacher – I work out with the kids in their PE sessions, it’s ‘humbling’ but has to be done

A FITNESS fan and school teacher has revealed her method for fitting her regular workout into her busy schedule.

The health junkie shared that she avoids the 5 p.m. gym-rush by working out with students during their physical education period.

Christina Pina is a school teacher and committed fitness junkie on TikTokInstagram/senoritaspanglishShe revealed how she makes time for regular exercise on a busy school teacher scheduleTikTok/christina_pina

With bodybuilding supplements in tow, she described the experience as “humbling,” but necessary for her regimen.

Christina Pina (@christina_pina) showed herself taking pre-workout, a supplement used to increase energy levels before an exercise session.

“POV: You’re a teacher about to work out with your P.E. classes on your lunch break,” she wrote in the video.

She shook up her pre-workout drink and consumed it.

“Humbling,” she added. “But better than gyms at 5 p.m.”

The video came as part of a popular movement of fitness fanatics showing how they go about getting their regular workout in.

Many people avoid going to the gym, using the excuse that they lack time to go.

Christina proved that even a busy school teacher can make time to improve her health.

Her creative fitness schedule sparked interest from viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“Then you can go right to happy hour already having gotten your workout in,” one wrote.

“Got to make time when you can,” another added. “I don’t know if I’d have that motivation.”

“Low key genius,” a third commented.

“Wait, why is it humbling?” a curious viewer asked. “Do you jump in an Athletic P.E. class?”

“It’s weird to be sweaty and in workout clothes with my students especially when they can squat as much as me,” Christina replied.

She shook up pre workout in a bottle before getting her workout in on her lunch breakTikTok/christina_pinaShe consumed pre-workout, saying that working out with her athletic students is a ‘humbling’ experience for herTikTok/christina_pina