I’m a female mechanic and I’m the only woman in my training class – here’s what I have to put up with

A STUDENT has described her day-to-day life as the only female mechanic in her class.

Tiggy, under the handle @tiggyevs, has shared a video to TikTok making hilarious ‘complaints’ about her training.

A female mechanic took to TikTok to describe a typical day as the only female studenttiktoktiktokThe playful montage reveals wholesome friendships with fellow students[/caption]

Fetching benefits such as “free food” and wholesome ones such as “inspirational quotes from teachers not to give up” are included by Tiggy.

The influencer also documents the less glamorous features of student life, but both are playfully regarded.

For “Having to give everybody lifts”, Tiggy shows a fellow student in the back of the car.

The camera then pans to her face-filtered smile, which then chuckles at the camera.

Concluding with the worryingly labelled “Being bullied 24/7”, Tiggy point the camera to her classmates, the former smirking and the latter pretending to shoot the lens with a broken pen.

The video attracted agreement from other women who had experienced a similar uneven ratio during their studies.

One said: “This was me on a construction course, best two years of my life.”

Another agreed: “For real there’s only one other girl in my product design class and it’s the funniest thing.”

While some enjoyed the fly-on-the-wall perspective, the irony was not picked up on by everyone.

One befuddled user observed: “You look like you’re having fun though…”.

It comes after a female mechanic comically detailed the sexist stereotypes she faces in her work.