I’m a fashion pro – I showed my all leather look for work meetings, people say they’re ‘sweating’

A FASHION fan has revealed her sizzling leather look for work meetings.

Her stylish ensemble may have been too hot for some viewers, who said she made them “sweat” with her chic look.

Militza Yovanka is a New York-based digital content creator with a passion for fashionTikTok/militza.yovankaTikTok/militza.yovankaShe detailed her ideal head-to-toe look that she sports for work meetings[/caption]

She said her intention wasn’t to perspire, but rather show a look inspired by the film The Matrix.

Militza Yovanka (@militza.yovanka) started the video by showing herself in her undergarments.

“Get dressed with me for a work meeting,” she wrote on the video.

She slipped into a pair of leather pants and paired it with a long-sleeve white top.

Next she added a leather tube top with a matching blazer.

She completed the look with a pair of Versace pumps with gold chain detail.

“Giving off Matrix vibes,” she added in the caption.

The video gained popularity on TikTok as a trend of influencers sharing their office looks has taken off.

Women are showing their trendy style choices while on-the-clock.

Militza’s leather look drew attention from viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“I’d be sweating like crazy,” one wrote.

“Same but it was super cold outside so it worked,” Militza replied.

“So classy,” another added. “Loving this look.”

“Beautiful heels,” a third commented.

She stunned in a full leather look, which she paired with bold Versace pumpsTikTok/militza.yovanka