I’m a fashion expert & here’s why you need to ditch a classic top from your wardrobe…it’s a fan favourite but SO dated

A FASHION expert has revealed the one item of clothing that you must ditch from your wardrobe immediately – so prepare to be attacked and make sure you listen up.

According to closet organiser and stylist Caitlin Jaymes, tank tops with buttons should be avoided at all costs.

A closet organiser and stylist has revealed that there’s a classic top that many women have in their wardrobes, that they must ditch immediatelyTikTok/@caitlin_jaymesCaitlin Jaymes explained that tank tops with buttons should be avoided at all costs and are seriously outdatedTikTok/@caitlin_jaymes

Caitlin claimed that not only are these tops cheap, but they also make you look outdated too.

Taking to TikTok to share her thoughts on the fashion faux pas, Caitlin posted her video with the caption ‘Tank tops with wooden buttons always feel like they’re meant for middle school girls.’

She then said: “An item I would get rid of during a closet edit.

“We all know and love these type of tops, we’ve seen them on Pinterest back in the day, so many times, but a tank top, with these wooden, plastic, buttons, have got to go.”

Caitlin shared a picture of such a top and claimed: “They look so cheap, they’re outdated.

“You can do better.” 

Caitlin later noted: “I personally don’t like this material.

“I don’t think this material is very sophisticated. 

“It gives me middle school girl vibes.” 

Caitlin shared her clip just two days ago, but it has quickly amassed a whopping 635,000 views.

It has 18.7k likes, 318 comments and 55 shares.

But social media users were left divided at Caitlin’s claims.

While some agreed and took to the comments to share their distaste for such tops, others revealed that they wouldn’t be ditching their button-up tank tops. 

One person said: “Finally someone said it.” 

Another added: “I actually don’t love these button shirts either.” 

A third commented: “Happy I never bought one of these and if I did, the only place I’d be wearing it is in my casket at my funeral.” 

However, someone else noted: “I think you’re on your own with this one” to which the fashion expert responded “And I’m 100% ok with that.”

One woman explained: “Just wore mine yesterday. it was perfect with jeans for the sunny 70 degree weather we are having in PA.”

Another chimed in: “Those shirts are so cute and I feel like they’re a staple. They’re simple & go with pretty much everything and are perfect for a cute but casual look.”

Whilst another fashion fan posted: “I actually think these tops with buttons are so cute.”

Meanwhile, one TikTok user revealed: “With trends these days changing every 3 months, my bank account and I say no. I now look for durability, sustainability, and quality when I shop.”

Whilst someone else claimed: “But also, keep it if you like it. 

“Her opinion doesn’t outweigh your own. Where whatever makes you feel happy.” 

Caitlin later added: “If it makes you feel good, wear it!”