I’m a fashion expert and these are the airport outfits which scream tacky – and why leggings are so cringe

PLANNING your holiday wardrobe?

Don’t forget your airport outfit. 

GettyPrepare your airport outfit along with your holiday outfits.[/caption]

We get excited at the prospect of preparing looks for our holidays, or buying new pieces to take away with us and look just as good as we feel when the sun hits our skin.

But one vital outfit most of us leave until the last minute is what to wear on the plane.

After piling up the washing and ironing to make sure everything is packed and ready for yourself, your partner and children, just grabbing whatever is left for the flight is standard practice.

You need to be comfortable, practical but also set a precedent of what your holiday will be like.

But there are some pieces you should avoid. 

Here, Fabulous’ fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals what airport outfits are a miss. 


GettySave shorts for the beach and to not to give passengers an eyeful.[/caption]

Trust me, I get it.

We’re all excited about that moment when you step off the panel and feel that warm gust of wind hit your skin, and you’re straight into sunshine mode. 

But for the journey to the airport,  time checking in to waiting around and when you’re on the plane itself you’re still in cold territory.

Both the airport and the plane chuck out cold air-conditioning that makes every pore of your leg stand on end. 

Plus, when you’re stretching up to put your luggage or handbag in the overhead compartment, your fellow passengers don’t need an eyeful before their holiday starts. 


GettyStay comfortable and don’t wear jeans on flights or at the airport.[/caption]

Beit short or long haul, or if you’re delayed, sitting around in your jeans is uncomfortable. 

And when you arrive at your sunny destination feeling your legs swell in the heat in restrictive jeans isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. 

Instead, wear a pair of cotton trousers which are far more comfortable than jeans, and breathable.

This can be a pair of loose, tailored tracksuit bottoms or a pair of on-trend cargo trousers. 

Then, you won’t blend in with every other person in the airport who has made the same mistake. 


GettyRunning in heels in an airport isn’t a great way to start your holiday.[/caption]

Think practically.

In airports there is a lot of waiting around and a lot of leg work. 

You may feel like an A-lister as you totter along the glossy airport floor but firstly, you don’t and onlookers will be sneering at you, and secondly if you are delayed in getting there you’ll need to run.

Or if your flight is delayed you’ll be spending your time doing laps of Boots and WH Smith in stilettos.

Plus, if your gate is what feels like walking from London to Liverpool then you won’t want to be making that trek in heels. 


KP PicturesAvoid airport hassle by not just wearing a bra.[/caption]

Comfortable as it may be to be in a crop top that looks like a bra, or just in a bra, someone will complain.

One British traveller made headlines when she was shamed by Thomas Cook for wearing a skimpy top, which was in a similar shape to a bra, and told her outfit was inappropriate.

And if it’s raining in the UK then you’ll look daft turning up in an outfit tha’ts fit for the beach. 

Save yourself the unnecessary bother and just avoid bra-style tops at all costs.

You don’t want to start your holiday on a bad note. 


More comfortable, breathable and lighter than jeans, I understand why leggings would be the obvious choice.

But they shouldn’t be.

It’s no secret that leggings now have a bad reputation for making you look tacky, so avoid the glares and uncomfortable feeling of eyes on you by giving them a miss.

Plus, following a quick glance around the airport and you’ll see an endless amount of women making the mistake too.

Be different and stand out in style, by not wearing leggings.