I’m a driving pro – here’s what your car’s colour says about you… are you a nature lover, young & cool or SO basic?

A SELF-PROCLAIMED motorist aficionado has revealed what car colours say about their drivers’ characteristics in a viral video online.

TikToker @jordan.garside posted the clip on social media, which left many car buffs riled up.

tiktokTikToker @jordan.garside made a contentious video about car colours and their meaning[/caption]

tiktokHe claimed people who drove blue cars had a tendency to be cool and trendy[/caption]

In the clip, the UK man ran viewers through a range of different coloured cars and who he assumed drove them.

He said: “What colour car you driving and what does it say about you.

“First let’s look at people driving black cars.

“They are usually people who sell things like this [trees] sometimes even this [snowman] – they love making snowmen.

“Next we have loads of people driving their blue whips.

“These people are usually young, cool and trendy – just like myself.

“Lastly, there are loads of people driving white cars.

“Normally these are basic white b****es, spend half their time in Starbucks, can’t drive for s**t, normally covered in fake tan you know the type.”

The video has more than 33,000 views.

However, most motorists were intrigued with what their tinted vehicle meant.

“So is my Renault Clio in its rare metallic blue silver pain cool,” a TikTok user said.

“I have got to say, he isn’t wrong with the white description,” one said.

“What about me with three different colours,” a second said.

“So, so right,” another said.

Another expert believed the tint of your vehicle could reveal your true colours.

tiktokHe said black car drivers were likely to sell trees for a living[/caption]