I’m a curvy girl & found the most Marmite outfit – I love it but everyone else thinks I look like an overgrown toddler

A FASHION fan has shared how she’s found what she’s dubbed a “Marmite outfit”. 

And while Emma Roberts couldn’t get enough of her fashion purchase and loved it, she admitted that everyone else wasn’t such a big fan and “hated it”. 

A fashion fan took to social media to see what people thought of her ‘Marmite’ outfitTiktok – @emmarobertsmakeupartistThe dungarees had totally split opinionTiktok – @emmarobertsmakeupartist

Emma, who can be found on TikTok at @emmarobertsmakeupartist, told her 57.5k followers about her buy – before letting them see it for themselves. 

The social media user, who describes herself as a “curvy girl” in the post, explained: “Guys, I think I found the most Marmite piece of clothing ever to grace the presence of my wardrobe.

“So I need a second opinion because I can’t find anyone in real life that actually likes what I’ve got on.”

Emma, who was covering herself with a cushion as part of the big reveal, added: “So… help me!”

She also added in the caption some more detail about the controversy the dungarees had caused. 

She wrote: “I mean I’m probably keeping them even if everyone hates them.”

The next time her followers saw her she was standing full-length modelling the outfit – a leopard print dungarees.

Emma – who teamed them with a white T-shirt and Converse – said: “Here’s the offending item.

“Dungarees and leopard print. I love them.”

She then lifted the lid on why she couldn’t wait to put them on.

The make-up artist revealed: “They’re not the most flattering outfit ever. No. [But] is it comfortable? Yes!

“Do I wear things to be flattering? No. 

“Do I wear things because I think they look quite cool? Yes!

“But do I look cool, or do I look like an overgrown toddler?”

Quite quickly, Emma’s comment section was full of people debating her outfit – and there was a unanimous opinion. 

All of Emma’s followers completely disagreed with the other people Emma had asked and said they absolutely loved the look and that she “rocked it”.

One wrote: “Anything with leopard print and pockets is always a win win, you look great.”

A second wrote: “Banging, love them!”

While others said she looked “cool” and that they would wear them too as they were “obsessed”. 

Emma’s followers also loved the leopard print lookTiktok – @emmarobertsmakeupartist