I’m a bodybuilder at 76 & I’ve managed to keep in top shape – here’s my secrets to achieving your dream body

FORMER Mr America Robby Robinson has revealed the secrets to achieving your dream body.

At 76-years-old the former professional bodybuilder is still the most ripped person in his gym and has let fans in on his top tips.

Instagram/robbyrobinsonofficialBodybuilder Robby Robinson at 76 flexing for the camera[/caption]

Instagram/robbyrobinsonofficialThe champion in the 1980’s looking buff[/caption]

Robinson started pumping iron at Venice Beach’s Gold’s Gym in 1975 and went on to have an illustrious bodybuilding career.

He has won the IFBB Mr America, Mr World and Mr Universe titles to name a few.

In his older days, he took out the Masters Olympia overall champion and then retired at age 55 in 2001.

However, Robinson regularly posts on his Instagram – showing off his incredible physique and how to maintain it.

He said: “Think about how hard you have to work to build a strong muscular body at 76 years.

“Healthy eating, hard, hard consistent work and the love for training are my secrets.

“You could say I am genetically blessed but hard work creates the results.

“Age has no importance – the made up mind is powerful.”

Among Robinson’s past victories, he was always known for his tremendous arm development.

His lifting regime consisted of training his biceps and triceps twice a week.

He still trains three days in a row with one day off and then repeats the cycle.

To maintain longevity, Robinson alternates between light and heavy workouts each week.

In his latest social media post, fans flocked to show their adoration for the champion.

“Incredible Robby,” an Instagram user said.

“I don’t know which version of you is better… now or back in the 1980’s,” one said.

“It is hard to imagine Robbie but you might look even better at 100 the way you are going,” a second said.

“You’re freaking incredible… I remember you from when I got the bodybuilding bug in my teens in the 1970’s,” another said.

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Instagram/robbyrobinsonofficialIn his prime, Robinson was famous for his arm muscles[/caption]

Instagram/robbyrobinsonofficialHe still pumps iron today[/caption]

Instagram/robbyrobinsonofficialRobinson said his secret was hard work and a love for lifting[/caption]