I’m a blonde country girl – I’m sick of my ‘ungrateful’ generation expecting quick cheats, I’m a hard worker

A HARDWORKING country girl has expressed her frustration over people her age who lack a strong work ethic.

She shared how she was sick of her “ungrateful generation” in a TikTok video.

Content creator Catherine is a country girl who dislikes her ‘ungrateful’ generationTikTok/cath_mitchell

Content creator Catherine Mitchell (@cath_mitchell) is a country girl who lives by the motto “Don’t just exist, Live!”

She expressed her feelings about her current generation in a TikTok video.

The subtitle over the visual read: “Realised I hate my current generation of ungrateful cheats…get out my lane I don’t got time for the bare minimum.”

For the duration of the video, she was outdoors and drove her tractor.

The blonde wasn’t wearing any makeup and wore a dirty trucker hat, which she paired with an oversized bright blue short-sleeve button-down.

Her unique style choices indicated that was hard at work on the farm and was not trying to impress anyone.

She took her sunglasses on and off periodically to make eye contact with the camera as she filmed herself from multiple angles.

Her natural beauty and confident demeanor radiated in the video.

To further emphasize her point, she wrote in the video’s caption: “It is what it is Jenny.”

“I f***n feel you. Keep that head high,” one viewer commented.

“Amen. Wish all girls and guys were like you,” another chimed in.

The hardworking farm girl is tired of being around cheaters in her age groupTikTok/cath_mitchell