I’m a beauty pro & you’ve been using your perfume all wrong – there’s a trick to making the scent stronger for longer

PERFUME bottles are often found in a nice display in the bathroom.

But according to experts, people need to think twice before doing this.

GettyPerfume experts have revealed a trick to keeping your perfume smelling stronger for longer[/caption]

And it may be the reason why perfumes aren’t lasting so long.

Fragrance expert at The Fragrance Shop, Iember Gordon, explains that it comes down to the temperature that the perfume is kept in. 

And in order to keep your scent smelling as strong as when you first bought it, this trick needs to be followed.

In a viral TikTok video with 5.2 million views, ‘Professor Perfume’ Emelia gives a stark warning about storing fragrances in our bathrooms.

In the video Emelia points at aesthetically pleasing bathroom shelfies with perfumes and asks ‘do you see anything wrong with these photos?’ 

She then goes on to explain: “If you keep your perfume in the bathroom when you shower, all of the steam.

“All of the constant temperature fluctuations are going to spoil your perfume a lot faster than if you store them correctly… 

“When you store them correctly they will last you for years and years.” 

And fragrance expert at The Fragrance Shop, Iember, concurs. 

Iember says: “Your fragrances may look pretty on your vanity or bathroom shelf, but fragrances can break down in fluctuating temperatures or humidity. 

“If a fragrance gets hot and cold a lot, this causes it to ‘sweat’ and condensation can get into the fragrance and cause unwanted chemical reactions to occur, which can ruin your favourite scent. 

“Instead of storing your scents in the bathroom or on your desks, bedside tables etc, preserve them by storing them in a cool dark place, such as a cool drawer away from direct sunlight.”