I’m 5’7 and weigh 235lbs – haters say I shouldn’t wear tight clothes with an ‘apron belly’ but I have a message for them

A MOTHER on TikTok has hit back at haters after they suggested she should avoid tight clothes due to her weight.

Bonnie Wyrick often posts body positive content for her 612,000 followers on the platform, but wasn’t afraid to defend herself.

TikTok / bonniewyrickThe mama was unapologetic for her fashion[/caption]

TikTok / bonniewyrickShe rocked the beige outfit with a white shoulder shrug[/caption]

The video was captioned: “Do you really think it’s cute to wear tight clothes when you have an apron belly and weigh over 200 pounds?”

Bonnie can be seen rocking a beige skin-tight bodysuit with a long sleeved white shoulder shrug.

She then began smiling and began dancing, singing “Yes!”

The unapologetic video has been praised by her followers.

One said: “You are amazing!! So wish I had this confidence!!”

Another said: “Yes girl, get it! You’re beautiful.”

Bonnie went viral earlier this year for trying on a velvet dress made for a size two model.

Flaunting different angles and poses, Wyrick showed off the dress in her own way.

She even paired the dress with long boots, smiling as she posed and twirled.

Wyrick got over 1,500 likes on the video, and many viewers took to the comments to compliment her choices.

“That dress was MADE for you!” one TikToker exclaimed.

“Love this dress on you! Looks so gorgeous,” another noted.

Bonnie said she’s about a size 14 or 16, and loves to share her fashion finds with her followers.

Another influencer shared her love of dancing around in tiny bikinis, despite being body shamed.

Kelli took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself dancing around wearing a teeny blue two-piece, as she lip-synced along to Regina Spektor’s Folding Chair song.

Despite Kelli insisting she doesn’t care about trolls, the comments section of her video was quickly filled with remarks slamming her body confidence.

“Keep lying to yourself, one day you will regret everything,” one wrote.

But her fans rushed to her defense, loving her confidence.

One said: “You are a stunning star and please keep your twinkle even when the world tells you not to.”

A second commented: “Let her live her own life, it’s her choice how she looks, how she feels.

“I think its great that she is happy in her own body.”

TikTok / bonniewyrickThe fashion influencer often shares her favorite outfits[/caption]

TikTok / bonniewyrickBonnie was glowing in the video[/caption]