I’m 4’10” and a size 2 – I shared my top 5 jeans for petite women, people say I look ‘amazing’

A PETITE fashionista has shared her go-to favorite jeans, which fit her like a glove.

At four-foot-10 and a size two, she made shopping for her small frame look easy.

Ena is a digital content creator and petite fashion pro on TikTokTikTok/enashaoliviaShe shared her favorite pant styles that fit her petite frame like a gloveTikTok/enashaolivia

She rocked five different styles and stunned viewers with her perfect fit.

Ena (@enashaolivia) dazzled in petite-girl-approved pant styles.

“Where I get my jeans from,” she wrote over the video.

First she showed a pair of American Eagle mom jeans, retailing for $24.99.

Next, she rocked the Aritzia Wilfred cargo pants, $128.

The brunette beauty stunned in a pair of Abercrombie’s $89 mom jeans.

She also donned a pair of Abercrombie’s wide leg mom jeans, $90.

Finally, she turned heads in yet another pair and wash of Abercrombie’s mom jeans.

The video came as part of a trend where women of all shapes and sizes are celebrating their body types.

Shopping for clothes can prove difficult with unusual measurements, but brands are listening to consumers and providing more cuts and size ranges.

The viral video drew in thousands of viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“How does it feel to be God’s favorite?” one fan asked.

“You tell me,” Ena replied.

“You look amazing girl,” another added.

She recommended three different styles from Abercrombie’s line of mom jeansTikTok/enashaolivia