I’m 180lbs and used to cover up while working out, but now I feel like a baddie and won’t let gym bros hold me back

A WOMAN who weighs 180 pounds used to cover up when she worked out but not anymore.

Her health journey has included her confidence skyrocketing.

Karissa, a fitness influencer, used to hide her body when she worked outInstagram / @selfcarewithkarissa

Karissa (@selfcarewithkarissa), a fitness influencer, shared the inspirational video with over 170,000 TikTok followers.

“Me thinking I have to cover up in the gym because I’m 180lbs,” she said, feigning her former insecurity and throwing a shirt over her sports bra.

The real reason, however, was to protect herself from rude onlookers.

“*puts on a baggy T-shirt to hide my body from the mean gym bros*,” she said, as Taylor Swift’s The Man blared in the background.

Karissa quickly realized, however, that there was simply no need for that.

“Then realizing I feel like a baddie wearing what I want,” she said, throwing the shirt off and shaking her hips with sass.

“Don’t let others’ opinions hold you back from being you!” she concluded.

“Don’t let gym bros hold you back baby! Half of them are just angry from the amount of steroids they’re on,” she joked.

Her message resonated with her viewers: “Hit the gym like the baddie you are,” said one supporter.

“Omg yesss literally at the same point with my body,” agreed another.

Others were confused she wanted to hide her body in the first place: “Ok but you look so strong & amazing,” said a fan.

She threw off her T-shirt when she realized she felt confident wearing what she wantedInstagram / @selfcarewithkarissa