I went to the worst rated bikini waxer I could find – even the waxing lady was scared, but I was stunned by the results

A WOMAN who visited the worst rated salon to get a bikini wax was left stunned when even the woman waxing her admitted she was scared.

Anncy recorded her experience for a video on her YouTube page, as she explained she was going to get a Brazilian wax at the salon, which she didn’t name.

YouTube/Anncy TwinkleAnncy decided to go to the worst rated bikini waxer she could find[/caption]

YouTube/Anncy TwinkleThe salon just had a little room in the corner for waxing[/caption]

YouTube/Anncy TwinkleShe looked terrified as she lay on the bed waiting for the first wax pull[/caption]

YouTube/Anncy TwinkleAnd couldn’t contain her screams as the hair was pulled out[/caption]

YouTube/Anncy TwinkleHer friend was laughing as she listened to Anncy’s reaction[/caption]

“Okay, so we are going to one of the worst reviewed salons,” she said.

“This was 3.6 which isn’t too bad but it’s really bad for Dubai. Dubai has nothing but 4.5 and above.”

She and her friend then went to find the salon, but Anncy admitted she “changed her mind” when she saw it, because it looked so “terrible”.

Once inside, she was settled on a chair inside a room in the corner of the salon, and told the waxer: “I can’t believe I committed to this.”

The procedure then began, with Anncy failing to contain her screams as the hair was pulled from her undercarriage.

“Am I the only one who screams?” she questioned.

“I can’t do this – I hate being a woman!”

She then said that while she would still pay the woman in full, she didn’t know if she could get through the entire wax.

“I will pay you in full but I don’t know if I want to do it all because I’m scared,” Anncy said, to which the waxer replied: “I’m also scared”.

“Why are you scared?” Anncy laughed. “You’ve seen so many and you do so many.”

“Okay this is the last, I’m literally done. I’m not doing any more after this,” she declared a few minutes into the wax.

“I can’t even walk. I have things to do.”

Once she sat up, she said: “So traumatising. I would not suggest anybody doing this.

“Everyone needs to embrace whatever they have.”

When she was back in her car, Anncy revealed her true feelings about the salon, admitting the hygiene there was severely lacking.

“There was no hygiene,” she said.

“She used her f**king bare hands – no gloves. 

“I totally get the 3.6. She was a very sweet lady but the hygiene, Jesus.

“It was uncomfortable, awkward, embarrassing.

“Not even 3.6, that’s so generous. I would give this like a 2 out of 10.”

“The fact that I wouldn’t even go to a best-reviewed waxing place, and you went to the WORST?!” one person commented on the YouTube.

As another added: “Waxing lady saying ‘I am also scared’ has got me cackling like a hyena.”

“You are SO brave for going to a ‘worst reviewed’ espc for bikini wax OMFG!! I could never lol,” a third wrote.