I was on Love Island this year and here is how bosses ‘set you up to fail’

LOVE Island’s Zara Lackenby-Brown has revealed how she was “set up to fail” during a villa challenge.

The dumped bombshell was tasked with choosing the two islanders she felt were the most fake during a fun game involving the whole villa.

Zara Lackenby-Brown felt her feud with Olivia was fuelled unnecessarily by villa games

Her first pick was Ron, who she chose after he told his partner Lana he had no interest in Zara, despite previously saying his head was “swivelling”.

She found her second selection more difficult and feels it was influenced by her co-stars and producers.

Zara felt she needed to choose a girl next and wasn’t comfortable picking the new girls who she hadn’t had time to get to know.

She explained how Liv gave her a cute glance which she interpreted as permission to choose her.

Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, she explained: “I was like ‘babe, you know this is not serious’, and I gave her a kiss and she took it so personally and I felt isolated…”

She added: “You can’t win in those situations. You’re kind of set up to fail. There was a lot with that they didn’t show.”

Meanwhile, Olivia has finally revealed the truth behind her ‘bitter feud’ with Zara.

The Sun previously told how Olivia, 27, knew Zara, 25, before being on the hit ITV2 show and as the pair repeatedly locked horns, viewers speculated the pair must have had an almighty argument in real life.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun after her shock departure, Olivia insisted there was no beef as she shut down reports of a fall out.

Asked if there was animosity between them, Olivia told us: “Absolutely not. We worked together once on a music video.

“We’d kept in contact over social media. But I’d say we were work colleagues not so much friends.

“So when she came in it was nice to have a familiar face. I didn’t expect to fall out with her, out of everyone in there.”

The two women clashed when Zara entered Love Island as a bombshell, and made a beeline for Tom Clare, 23. who was with Olivia at the time

Talking about the Tom situation she admitted: “Being in a triangle was so hard. It was so intense.

“But looking back now I feel like we were played against each other and I wish that hadn’t happened. But we left on a high and we cleared things.”

Olivia added: “But nothing had happened with us when she came in. I thought she was a great girl and I still do.

“I think it was also so hard with me because I was coupled up with Tom first and she stepped on my toes.

“It’s an agree to disagree situation. It’s fine.”

When asked if she would be friends with Zara now they have both left the villa, she simply said: “Yeah. I don’t hold grudges.”

After joining Love Island as one of the original Islanders, Olivia’s time on the show came to an end last Wednesday.

Along with her man Maxwell Samuda, she was dumped from the ITV2 show after they were voted the least compatible couple by the public.

However, the pair made things “exclusive” and now are settling into life as a couple in the outside world.

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

Olivia and Zara didn’t get on during their time on the showRex